Timber Framing Classes

Join Us June 17-21  Deforest, Wisconsin 

Join us in a 5-day workshop and  learn the foundational skills to build your own timber frame structure.

What We Do

Timber Framing

Build a structure designed to stand against time

Custom Structures

Custom buildings with the beauty of timber wood

Custom Timber Barns

Restore or customize your barn with timber wood

Custom Furniture and Sculptures

Timber wood custom sculptures and furniture

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The Art of Building

There are many tangible benefits to building with wood. Strength, beauty, durability. A responsible carbon footprint. Properly sourced, it’s a renewable resource, so it helps combat climate change.

But there is something intangible, as well. Because, when you surround yourself with wood, you are building-in a sense of well-being. It just feels good to be around trees, to be sheltered by them. You feel as though you’re getting a hug from nature. There are even measurable health benefits associated with this, including lower heart rates and stress reduction.

And there is also the impossible-to-measure fact that a well built wooden building is a very beautiful thing, indeed.

Wood Joiners specializes in creating unique spaces with the warmth and natural beauty of Wood, whether it be an architectural accent, paneling in a room, furnishings, additions, backyard structures, three season porch, a tiny house, a not so tiny house or a barn. Studies have shown there are many health  benefits to using wood in our built environment. Hand crafted from the finest local materials such as walnut, oak, cherry, pine, elm or salvaged old growth from our barn work, we work with you to create healthy spaces celebrating the natural beauty of trees.

Sustainable Materials

You can’t go to a lumber yard and get this kind of wood. Huge, beefy, rough sawn or hand hewn timbers in any size or shape your project may require. White oak, red oak, black walnut, cherry, pine . . . just tell us what you need, and we will responsibly source it for you. If you need it kiln-dried, we can do that, too.

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