Timber Framing Classes

Join Us June 17th – 21st 
Learn How to Build a 12x16 Timber Frame with Us!



Built with Sustainable Materials

Responsibly sourced Timber wood 

Timber Framing Classes near Madison, WI

Next Workshop: June 17th – 21st 2019
Hours 8am – 5pm
Cost: $595
Duration: 5 Days
Project: 12x16 timber shed out of cherry

Topics include but not limited to:

  • Timber framing history and background
  • Tool care and maintenance
  • Sharpening and use of foundational hand tools such as saws, chisels, planes, measuring tools
  • Timber frame layout methods (scribe, square rule, mill rule)
  • Building a 12×16 timber structure

What tools will we be using?
We will learn to use both hand and power tools.
Saws Planes Chisel Mallet drills Squares and various measuring and marking tools

Timber Workshop Agenda:

Day 1: Planning

During the first day of the workshop, we will discuss the process of timber framing and determine our goals throughout the week. We will end the day by selecting the timber used for the project and begin layout the timber for our project.

Day 2: Layout Materials & Begin Cutting Timber Joiners

On day two we will continue laying out materials and begin the process of cutting the timber joiners.

Day 3: Discuss All Things Timber Framing & Begin Joinery

Join us in discussing all things Timber framing while we begin the process of joinery.

Day 4: Discuss All Things Timber Framing & Execute Joinery

Continue our discussions of all things timber while we continue to execute joinery for our timber structure.

Day 5: Cutting of Joinery & Erect Frame

Watch our project come to life as complete cutting the joinery and erect the frame


About Timber Framing

Timber frame construction developed over 1000 years with a wide geographic diversity. This 5-day introductory timber framing workshop covers the art of timber framing. You will learn the foundational skills to build your timber frame structure.

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